This marketplace created for Photographers and Photographer Vendors to remain a platform where you can shop safely and with pleasure, you should pay attention to the Product Listing Rules stated below. You can review our User Agreement regarding general rules.

As a result of the listings that violate PV's rules, "you may be warned, all your listings violating the rules may be terminated, and your membership may be cancelled if the rule violations continue."

Important: Before listing your product on PV, you should review the Prohibited Products section.

Indirect Sales Listings

The vendor cannot provide information to sell information (its own web address, physical store address, e-mail address, telephone number, skype or messenger contact information, etc.) to sell from any external channel. The vendor cannot offer a payment option in product descriptions. Communication and trade between buyers in PV are forbidden to include the tools and information listed above in the product descriptions.

Clustering in categories with the same type of product listings

It is forbidden to list more than 10 single sales of a product with all the same features and therefore capable of multiple sales.

For example; A supplier with 100 identical clothing must open multiple sales and list 100 pieces on a single product page. It cannot list each outfit individually and consecutively. Such sales attempts made by a vendor can be reduced to a single listing (converted into multiple sales) or cancel all sales.

Using words unrelated to the product

It is forbidden for vendors to use words that are unrelated to the product they sell, to use brand or model names, and to give misleading information in order to draw attention to their products and to rank high in word search results.

Inappropriate content in product descriptions

It is forbidden to include misleading, deceptive, false, incomplete statements in advertisements for products.

Listing in the wrong category

There may not be a suitable category for every product in PV. However, you can choose more than one collection and use more than one product tag in your product description. It is vital that the product be listed in the most appropriate category. The Vendor is personally responsible for all kinds of damages and losses, including sanctions and penalties.

In the event that the Vendor incorrectly categorizes the Product (s) or provides deceptive, incomplete, misleading information and/or words regarding the Product / Products, PV has the right to remove this Product (s) from the website. It is not possible for the vendor to claim any loss or damage from PV if PV removes the vendor's product (s)

PV may make changes to the titles provided by the vendors during the listing in order to ensure that the products are listed in the correct category and/or to improve the user experience. However, PV Vendors are expected to list the products in the correct category and report the title information accurately, without waiting for the changes. The changes that PV can make within this scope are only related to the title part of the products, and the responsibilities of the vendors continue within the scope of the relevant legislation due to the contents and products they have provided.

Using links in product descriptions

In PV, vendors can add the following links to their product descriptions.
A link to the page with additional explanations about the product put on sale
Links to the photos of the product being sold
Links to the vendor's other products that are on sale at PV
A link to the Vendor's store in F.T.P.
Other than these links, links to other commerce sites or commercial content sites cannot be included on the product pages.

Examples of prohibited links:
Buying, selling or trading goods and services

More information on listing items in PV:

Handmade items are items made and/or designed by you as a vendor.

If you sell handmade items, you should:

Physically make or create original designs for your items.

Include everyone involved in the About section of your store, making your products or running your business. If you are working with a manufacturing partner, you must disclose that manufacturing partner in your respective listings.

Use your own photos in your lists.

Craft supplies

Craft materials in PV are tools or materials whose primary purpose is to use in the creation of an item or a specific situation. Craft materials can be handmade, commercial, or vintage. Party supplies can also be sold as craft supplies.

Prohibited products

Several types of items are prohibited to sell on PV, including:

Alcohol, tobacco, drugs, narcotics and medical drugs

Some animal products and human remains

Hazardous materials, including dangerous goods, recalled items, and weapons

Hateful items, including items that promote, support or glorify hatred

Illegal items, items promoting illegal activities, and highly regulated items

Internationally regulated products

Pornography and adult content

Violent elements, including items that promote, support or glorify violence

Entries that violate the PV's Intellectual Property Policy

As a platform, PV is not in a position to offer legal advice or determine if your store content infringes on someone else's intellectual property.

If you are unsure whether your items infringe on someone's intellectual property, you can contact the intellectual property owner or consult an attorney.

If PV receives appropriate notice of intellectual property infringement, we will comply with our policy and remove the specified material.

Services or Rental

Generally, services, including rental, are not allowed to be sold on the PV. Only services that produce a new tangible product that meet our Vendor Policies can be sold on PV.

What if I find an entry that violates PV's policies?

You can report a listing that appears to violate our policies. PV may review and/or remove any entries that violate our policies.