PV rules exist so that all PV users can shop in a secure environment. As a buyer, you should review the User Agreement, know the rules, and perform your transactions in accordance with these rules.

Learning PV rules and processes before purchasing a product will prevent you from unwittingly breaking the rule. Remember, as a PV user, you have to follow the site rules constantly.

PV rules exist to minimize the problems that buyers may encounter, to provide equal opportunities and to make your shopping enjoyable. Violation of these rules may result in restriction of your listing and purchase rights and suspension of your membership.

If you do not meet the conditions stated on the vendor's product page, do not purchase that product. For example, if a vendor in Toronto lists their product as "Only shipped locally" and you do not reside in Toronto, you cannot purchase this product. Paying for a product you do not want to buy in order to sabotage the vendor's sale is referred to as a "malicious purchase". Your membership will be restricted when it is detected that you have performed similar transactions.

It is a violation of the rule and requires cancellation of membership if you contact a vendor to make a transaction outside of the PV and offer him or her to perform an off-site transaction.