Vendors' Journey to Find a Photographer

If you are selling a product or service, you should determine your target audience well, keep in mind, be different and give confidence to this audience. In short, you have to be a Brand. Now consider a brand you love very much. What comes to your mind first? What emotion does it make you feel? Why do you want to shop from them more than your competitors? There could be multiple reasons for this. Easy accessibility, price, reputation, a feature that no one else has ... etc.

In such a period where competition is very intense, it is very difficult to get  the attention of consumers, it is essential for the continuity of their business that vendors provide different, easily accessible and excellent customer experience. Despite the fact that most vendorss have websites, these websites are not up-to-date and their design and functionality are bad, which both give a bad experience to consumers and cause great damage to their business. Some suppliers simply use Instagram and cannot reach their potential customers or increase their sales because they look unprofessional.

Thanks to the Photographers Vendors Portal, vendors and even photographers will be able to create their own Online Stores, follow up sales and orders, reach their target audience without advertising and marketing, and increase their sales by having a professional operation.

What are the most difficult issues for you as a seller?

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